The days when your only choice for slip-resistant shoes looked like something your grandparent wore are long gone, thanks to SR Max’s® excellent shoe designers and our partnership with a variety of top brands.

We all know Reebok shoes as an American-inspired brand that builds products for the sports and fitness categories for both men and women. SR Max® is pleased to announce a new partnership between our company and Reebok, which has manifested itself in our March Shoe of the Month! The new black Reebok Athletic has the distinct look of Reebok and the traction only available through SR Max®. For March, we are offering the shoe for only $44.99 – a discount of more than 20 percent. Please use promo code “marchsotm” at checkout to receive your discount.

As exciting as it is to be able to offer the coolest shoes and the latest looks, we never lose sight of our overall goal – accident prevention. Of course, wearing SR Max® shoes is the best protection against unseen hazards in the workplace, but there are many other things you and your co-workers should do to take precautions and prevent accidents.

Remember these tips:

  • Carry only what you can manage safely and ensure proper visibility when carrying oversized items.
  • Inspect floors regularly and clean up spills or puddles immediately.
  • Use rubber mats in areas where floors are persistently damp.
  • Keep walkways free of boxes and clutter.
  • Be cognizant of ice during the winter months, as it can be a hard-to-see and dangerous hazard. Use appropriate ice clearing practices.

We have made work safety our responsibility, but remind you that it is all of our responsibility. Work hard and work safe!