For nurses who are on their feet all day, having the right pair of non slip shoes for work can mean the difference between agony and excellence. When you nurses aren’t distracted by foot pain, you’re free to concentrate on providing amazing care for your patients. So here are some things you should look for when buying a pair of nurse shoes.

SR Max Geneva Women's White Slip Resistant Clog

The same pair of medical shoes that your friend swears by might not be perfect for you, because your feet are different. For this reason, you need to consider your own feet: do you have flat arches, wide feet, plantar fasciitis? Each of these factors is going to have an effect on what you think is comfortable. You’ll want to find a footbed that contours to the shape of your foot, and be sure that the insole has enough cushion in the heel. These will result in a more comfortable work shoe for your foot. (NOTE: Remember that you will be walking, not standing. Many shoes billed as “nursing shoes” are actually designed to surgeons who stand for long hours, which puts a different type of pressure on your foot and requires a different style of shoe.)

Crocs Work Bistro White Slip Resistant Clog

Beyond your personal foot comfort, your work shoe should also be functional for your position. For nurses, this means finding a lightweight shoe that allows for maximum mobility. Since you could be going from on break to running down the hall, a shoe that doesn’t slow you down is key. In addition, be sure that the size you pick is appropriate. Different brands size differently, so try the shoes on before wearing them to work. Walk around, run and be sure that they are staying snug on your feet. If you have a skinny foot or wide foot, be sure your shoe conforms to your foot size. When trying the shoe on you should be able to wiggle your toes, but feel like the shoe is too loose. Finally, choose a shoe that allows your foot to breathe, because sweaty feet not only cause blisters but also create embarrassing shoe order.

MegaComfort MultiThotic Replacement Insole

Recommended Styles
For female nurses, I would encourage you to take a look at the white SR Max Geneva. This highly rated comfort clog looks great and is built with extra support and cushion for long work days. It runs just a touch long, so I encourage you to consider ordering a ½ size smaller than your typical size.

For female and male nurses, check out the white Crocs Bistro. This vegan white clog offers ergonomic support and breathability without sacrificing slip resistance. The Bistro is available in EW sizing, so if you have a narrow foot, be sure to try this shoe on thoroughly before wearing it to work.

In addition, if you have any special foot conditions, you might look at the MegaComfort Orthotic Insole as an addition to whatever nursing shoe you choose. This insole comes with interchangeable arch supports so that you get the custom fit you need.