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Blumaka + SR Max®: Where sustainability meets slip-resistant footwear.

By SR Max®

Blumaka + SR Max<sup>®</sup>: Where sustainability meets slip-resistant footwear.

“Sustainability.” We hear that word get thrown around a lot nowadays. Sometimes it’s a result of genuine efforts to build a better future. And other times it’s just marketing buzz. We know it feels good to buy products with an eco-friendly label, but, as our company president Patrick Kubis says, “It’s better to buy products that go beyond that label and actually make a real impact. That’s what our partnership with Blumaka is all about.”

recycled material graphic.jpg (164 KB)Blumaka’s got some innovators on their team who realized that one company’s waste is another company’s opportunity to help our planet. After the basic foam components of a shoe are cut out, most shoe manufacturers just throw the unused remnants away. But Blumaka stepped in to save the day. They rescue a ton of that fresh high-performance athletic foam before it ever has a chance to take up space in a landfill. This is where the magic begins.

Deep in the top-secret Blumaka labs, their team coats tiny pieces of this high-quality foam in polyurethane and transforms them into comfort pillows. Then, using 99% less water than usual methods, these comfort pillows become the main ingredient in BluMAX insoles and Blumaka midsoles.

We teamed up with Blumaka to do our part and hopefully inspire our customers and others in the slip-resistant shoe industry to do the same.


The Next Generation of Comfort with the Ultimate Eco-friendly Collaboration


Your team can feel good about Blumaka’s sustainable manufacturing process, which uses up to 85% recycled material and up to 99% less water than usual methods. Best of all, this process helps us give your team the comfort they truly deserve. Our Blumax insoles provide as much cushioning after 10 hours as they do after one hour. They can do this because they’re made with sustainable comfort pillows: those tiny pieces of high-performance athletic foam wrapped with a special polyurethane coating. All that technical stuff translates to 14% more energy return than the average insole. AKA long-lasting cushioning that offers a ton more support and comfort.

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The Ridgway gives our customers a more sustainable work shoe option that also offers the quality and mind-blowing comfort they’ve come to expect from us. Along with our patented MaxTRAX® slip-resistant outsole, these babies are made with the patented BluMAX insoles and Blumaka midsoles for extra energy return and support. Comfort that doesn’t know the meaning of quit is the name of the game with our Ridgway hikers.

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The SR Max® + Blumaka partnership is just beginning. With many more sustainable slip-resistant shoes on the docket for the coming year, there’s going to be something for everyone.

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Categories: Product Information  |  Authored by: SR Max®  |  Posted: 06/17/2024