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Our Top 3 Greatest Shoes for Waiters

By SR Max

Our Top 3 Greatest Shoes for Waiters
Whether youre working part time to earn some extra cash or youre a seasoned veteran to the serving game, you know that being a server can very rough on your body. From carrying food to rushing in and out of a hot and busy kitchen, after your shift you cant wait to kick off your shoes and prop your feet up. Because of this, having the rightwaiter shoesis even more important.As a server, you want to keep a few things in mind when investing in a new pair of work shoes:
  • Cushion: Working a long shift is not only exhausting, but with improper shoes, it can also be painful. You want to make sure that the shoes you are wearing have the proper cushion in order to support and keep your feet comfortable through your whole entire shift.
  • Style: Now, this will depend on your restaurants environment. From upscale dining to a more causal and laid back setting, there are safe and comfortable shoes perfect for either atmosphere. You chose the one best for your work environment.
  • Arch Support: Arch support is crucial! Having a good shoe that supports the health of your foot will ultimately be more beneficial for you and your body.
  • Quality: Price may be your first concern, but buying better quality shoes actually saves money in the long run. Shoes that are constructed using the best materials and proper construction should serve you for well over 6 months, which means you dont have to buy shoes as often.
 Now that weve gone over the important things to consider when purchasing a work shoe, we decided to provide you all with a few examples! Here are some of our more popular slip resistant restaurant shoes.CasualTo the left is our SR Max® Dover Slip Resistant athletic shoe and for the ladies we have the stylish Malibu womens casual work shoe. This style comes in men and womens sizes. This shoe is perfect for a more casual atmosphere.Dover_SRM6100_SRM610-Pair 2MalibuSRM170-ProfileDress CasualThe shoe on the left is our mens SR Max® Providence Slip Resistant Dress Oxford. The shoe to the right is womens SR Max® Bristol dress wedge. Both of these styles are appropriate for a setting that may be more of a business casual atmosphere.Providence_SRM1800_SRM180-Pair2Bristol_SRM515-inside  DressTo the left we have our mens SR Max® Augusta dress shoe and to the right we have our womens SR Max® Isabellashoe. These styles are perfect for more of a business professional atmosphere.Augusta_SRM3020_Pair2Victoria_SRM525-profile These are just a few of the wonderful style s that SR Max® offers for the typical types of restaurant environment. If the kind of shoe you need for your work environment was not listed, please visit our website and find your perfect shoe today!

  Authored by: SR Max  |  Posted: 05/19/2017