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What to Expect when You Visit an SR Max Shoemobile

What to Expect when You Visit an SR Max Shoemobile
Just imagine a store full of over 1,200 pairs of our best and stylish slip resistant shoes.on wheels. While youre recovering from your mind being blown due to the sheer awesomeness of this concept, lets walk through what a trip to one of these magical stores looks like. You may have heard of our shoemobiles, or even seen one driving around or parked near your place of work before, but what really goes on inside these shoe stores on wheels? We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the best pair of slip resistant shoes that fit your feet perfectly.
Big Wheels keep on turnin
Our SR Maxshoemobiles are available in select locations across the east coast, and they always carry at least 1,200 pairs of shoes. We have shoes in stock from brands like Crocs, Skechers Work, Converse, New Balance, Rockport Works, and others. When you first step foot into the shoemobile, youll be greeted by one of our friendly SR Max employees ready to fit you for your new pair of slip-resistant shoes. Youll be asked about your work environment and what kind of slip resistant shoe youre looking for specifically.
Decision time
After this, our slip resistant shoe expert will give you a few options that he or she feels will best fit your needs. Youll be able to select the brand and color of your shoes, and then our SR Maxemployee will size you and give you a pair to try on. Once you have the shoes on, our expert will quickly work with you to ensure that the shoes fit your feet perfectly. Its everyones worst nightmare to arrive at an eight-hour shift on your feet with new shoes that pinch or rub your feet the wrong way, so we take great care in this step of the process. Were not sure what walking on a cloud feels like, but we want you to feel something like that.
Make it official
After youve found the perfect pair of slip resistant shoes, youre set! Congratulations! Youre the proud owner of a brand new pair of SR Maxslip resistant shoes. Youll be asked to sign for your shoes and then youre free to go on your way (not that you werent ever free before. Our shoemobiles are not prisons). Its as easy as that! Next time you see one of our bright green shoemobiles parked near you, make sure to stop by and check it out. With over 1,200 options, youre bound to find something that you like!Want to learn more about SR Max? Check us out online today!

Categories: Q & A, Company Information, Corporate Shoe Programs  |  Authored by: SR Max  |  Posted: 06/07/2018