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Payroll Deduction Plan

Shoe programs help protect your employees by drastically reducing their risk of painful and expensive slips and falls. This investment shows that you value them (recruitment and retention!) and means increased compliance and fewer workdays lost due to injury.

Our shoe programs make compliance a breeze:

  1. Our team works with you to quickly and easily set up your shoe program, including style selection, program type and roster integration.
  2. Your employees have plenty of ways to shop. They can choose their new favorite work shoes from:
    • your custom SR Max corporate program site
    • one of our retail stores
    • a mobile shoe store that visits your location*
    • your custom SR Max catalog
  3. We process the order and ship directly to your employees' homes or to a corporate location based on your preference. If the program is fully or partially subsidized, we set up the subsidy on your terms (amount, eligibility and frequency) and track it in our system as we process the order. If using payroll deduction, purchases are deducted over multiple paychecks according to your specifications.
*for qualifying accounts

Benefits of Corporate Shoe Programs:

  • Workplace slip-resistant footwear protection for employees
  • Increased affordability for employees through multiple payroll deductions or subsidy
  • Enhanced workplace safety
  • Reduction in worker's compensation claims
  • Boost employee morale
  • Can help lead to lower insurance premiums

Contact us for more information about corporate accounts and payroll deduction plans.