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Potential annual savings with an SR Max slip resistant shoe program:

Note: Any one employer's actual reduction in slips and falls will vary widely and this model does not indicate a guarantee of any specific results at any specific employer. Reductions in slips and falls as a result of footwear programs varies and is dependent upon many factors including the method of reporting claims, the employee actions, the flooring at the workplace, the specific contaminants, temperature, and even air humidity just to name a few potential factors. Selecting and requiring specific outsoles for more risky environment such as greasy environments or freezers will often result in a greater % reduction in slips and falls while selecting and requiring slip resistant footwear for less risky environments such as dry warehouses will often result in lower % reduction in slips and falls.

* National Safety Council 2007-2008 - From "Falls at Work" NSC presentation by W.E Scott PHD PE.

** SR Max 2010 high end estimate - does not include first year one time "implementation" costs.

*** In certain cases where employers require specific outsoles, OSHA may require the employer to pay for this PPE. Approved outsole overshoes are available at less than $15.00 per pair or less (depending on volume) for employers with mandatory SR Max footwear programs.