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Care and Attention to Detail

Jeff is the floor manager in a meat packaging plant in Greenville, South Carolina. He has worked there for over ten years and loves his job and the people he works with in the warehouse. Slip resistant shoes are a must for Jeff and he has always worn SR Max, even before he was promoted. He not only loves his slip resistant boots from SR Max, but loves finding all kinds of other information relevant to his industry on the SR Max Education Center as well.

We created our Education Center for people just like Jeff. We made sure to stock our education center with relevant information for a variety of different industries and positions that you serve. This Center is designed to help give you the information that you need to tackle your particular jobs better from the ground up. We help you answer those questions not just about your shoes but about all aspects of your job so you can feel empowered to excel.

So here’s where you find that expert info on everything from how to clean your slip resistant shoes to the best way to save your back while standing all day; what are the best shoes for nurses and how to make killer tips at work. You want it, we have it. Because we are with you, every step of the way.

Is there something we didn’t cover? Please email us so that we can answer any other questions you might have.