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SR Max® Helps Keep Reddy Ice Associates on Their Feet

Company: Reddy Ice

Industry: Manufacturing

Number of Employees: Approx. 1,800

Number of Locations: 52 production facilities, 75 distribution centers in 33 states


In 2002/2003, Reddy Ice paid out over $340k in workers’ comp claims for slip and fall accidents. In response to this sobering number, the company implemented a modified slip resistant shoe program. This modified program made an impact on slip and fall accidents, but not nearly as much as they’d originally hoped for. Add to this the fact that employees complained about the lack of shoe selection and quality.

So, Reddy Ice began to seek a solution to their issues. In short, a better slip resistant shoe program that would not only make a significant impact on their slip and fall rate, but also satisfy the employees’ desire for a greater shoe selection and better quality. Enter SR Max®.

Since bringing on SR Max® as a vendor, Reddy Ice reports that they’ve been extremely satisfied with the quality of the footwear and the great variety of styles that SR Max® has available. And, though the nature of their business makes it impossible to divorce themselves entirely from slip and fall accidents, they have experienced an 80% decrease in the number and severity of their slip and fall claims since implementing a footwear program with SR Max®.

As a Payroll Deduction program, the company spends $50-60k a year for employee footwear. Compare that with the substantial, six-figure reduction in their annual workers’ compensation claims and a significant reduction in lost workdays, and it’s no wonder the company feels that their corporate slip resistant footwear program pays for itself.

Ready to start your own corporate slip resistant shoe program? Lee Hatch, the Risk Manager for Reddy Ice says he would advise staff at other organizations who are looking to implement their own shoe program to do their homework – find the root causes of what’s causing their slip and fall issues and address them. Then, monitor your shoe program closely and regularly to ensure that it is as effective as possible and working in your favor, then work to communicate the terms of the program clearly so that your associates understand it. Then, pair yourself with a vendor that will help your program’s success (read: SR Max®).