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Five Steps for Launching a Successful Corporate Shoe Program

If you’re thinking about starting a corporate shoe program for your company, you’re smarter than people think. A corporate shoe program is a great way to keep employees safe and happy, and a payroll deduction plan allows your employees to spread small payments across several paychecks. These programs allow employees to pick the style and color of their pair of slip- resistant shoes, and they prevent accidents from happening in the workplace. That means a reduction in the volume of workers compensation claims, and fewer lost days from work due to an accident.

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Safety Tips for Any Industry

Warehouses, foundries, construction sites and factories can be some of the most dangerous places to work when it comes to accidents and injury: large and moving machinery such as forklifts, carrying heavy loads such as pallets and heavy equipment can be hazardous for you and your workers. Download our FREE infographic poster and share these tips today!

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Which Shoe Program is Right for My Company?

Enforcing a slip-resistant shoe program isn’t always at the top of a store manager or company owner’s priority list. As the supervisor, you might be putting a shoe program off because you think it would present you and your company with unexpected challenges such as embarking on the quest to find the perfect slip-resistant shoe for everyone, or simply because you just don’t know where to begin planning for a shoe program and which one would best suit your company. While the thought of adding a shoe program to your company may seem intimidating, we promise it’s not as bad as it seems. Shoe programs are implemented and set in place to make sure that all employees are protected on the job when it comes to slip-resistant footwear. Let us take the guess work out of this for you. Here are three outlines of our most common types of slip resistant shoe programs.

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How to Start a Shoe Program

For some employees, getting to a store to get slip-resistant footwear isn’t an easy task. Between getting to the shoe store, confirming that the shoes are slip resistant, and then finding a style that is comfortable, and that they will like can be a bit of a challenge. Shoe programs can be a great solution. In fact, our goal is to help YOU reduce workplace injuries by offering the best slip resistant shoes in the styles and brands that you know your employees actually want to wear. With the shoe program, we give you everything you need to figure out just exactly what types of results you should be looking for.

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8 Ways To Retain Your Best Employees

In your restaurant, you only want the best of the best providing quality service to your guests. It is also a known fact that when employees feel they can thrive and become a key part of your management staff they not only enjoy their jobs more but also provide more value to the company as a whole. So how do you accomplish both? We’ve got a few great ways to start to have the best of both worlds.

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