Overshoes? What the heck is an overshoe and how can it help me?

Article by Brinklee Bailey

“What exactly is an overshoe?” We’re so glad you asked. An overshoe is a more affordable alternative to a slip resistant work shoe. They are protective shoe coverings that are typically made from a waterproof material and will protect your shoe, as well as your foot, underneath.

“Why buy a protective shoe?” you ask? That’s a very good question! What benefits does an overshoe provide above a regular protective shoe?” It is always wise to have different options so you can still participate in your company’s safety program.

Here’s a closer look at the full range of benefits:

  1. Convenience. Carrying around a pair of work shoes all day can be a little cumbersome. Because of the size and flexibility of overshoes they are easily stored in a backpack or an everyday bag. Also with overshoes, you will most likely only need one pair. You never have to worry about grabbing the right work shoes because your overshoe can fit right on top of the shoes you are already wearing.
  2. Affordable. Traditional slip resistant shoes can be rather pricey, but you want all of your employees to be dressed consistently. Fortunately, overshoes are great way to achieve this. Most overshoes only cost employees an economical price. Plus many employers have a payroll deduction programs where employees are able to purchase a solid pair of shoes and have a certain amount deducted each paycheck.
  3. Water Resistant. Overshoes are fully water resistant. These slip resistant shoe coverings fit snug and comfortably around your shoe, making your shoe fully resistant to water.
  4. Easily Cleaned. In the restaurant, grocery, healthcare, hospitality and manufacturing industries, spills are something that come with the job. Overshoes are made of a rubber material that can easily be wiped down.
  5. Wear Them Over Shoes! One of the biggest benefits of overshoes is that they can be worn over your shoes. With overshoes employees are still able to wear their own closed toe shoes with a protective covering over them. You can still feel like you are able to walk around in what you like and what is comfortable to you. A happy, comfortable employee is a better employee.

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