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Kitchen safety procedures

Top Safety Concerns for Restaurant Employees

Top Safety Concerns for Restaurant Employees

You can make the restaurant workplace a very safe environment by taking some precautions. Restaurants can be filled with safety hazards that could result in harsh injury or much worse. You may have already taken precautions by setting up the necessary procedures to protect your staff and customers. By being a proactive employee, you can better protect your restaurant’s well-being and customer satisfaction.


Would you eat from a kitchen that does not practice sanitation standards? This can cause very serious problems not only for the employee but also for the owner and the customer.
While working in the kitchen, it is important to follow these tips:
-Keep the counters and floors clean
-Wash every dish with hot, soapy water and appropriate levels of sanitizer
-Wipe down cutlery and appliances to prevent cross-contamination
-Watch and document shelf lives to prevent serving outdated products

Kitchen Equipment

Kitchens are filled with appliances and utensils of all sorts. There are knives, meat slicers, toasters, deep fryers, and other tools that could cause serious injury. To protect yourself around these tools, please use proper safety equipment and common sense. Protect yourself from kitchen equipment with these tips:
-Use a chainmail glove while cleaning the meat slicer to protect your hand from the sharp blade
-Use proper gloves that guard your entire arm while filtering the deep fryer
-While handling knives, use proper safety measures when cutting food

Slipping in the kitchenSlip and Falls 

This area is our specialty. Well… Slipping isn’t our specialty. We can prevent you from slipping in the workplace by equipping your feet with our slip resistant shoes! Slip and falls can cause major and minor injuries that not only have an impact on you but affects the entire restaurant. Slip and falls are the most common form of injury in a kitchen environment. When working with different oils and liquids, substances will end up on the floor at some point. By being equipped with our slip resistant shoes, the employees will be able to walk with confidence knowing that they will not slip on the kitchen floor dangers. A few ways you can prevent slip and falls:
-Clean up spills immediately
-Wear SR Max® Slip Resistant Shoes
-Keep a lid on all cups and bottles to prevent accidental spilling
-Use wet floor signs around any type of spill
-Don’t forget to wear your SR Max® Slip Resistant Shoes

By being prepared for everything that you may encounter in the kitchen, you will definitely make an impression on your customers and your manager, or owner.
We want to help you succeed in the kitchen and the workplace. We consider ourselves professionals in the safety industry and will answer any questions you may have about kitchen safety.

Comment below with some of the safety concerns that you have encountered in the kitchen!

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