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8 Great Summer Styles for Women

Style is important. Looking your best at work results in more self-confidence and can sometimes result in better interaction with customers. With this in mind, we’re happy to offer you some suggestions for stylish slip resistant shoes for women to wear on the job this summer.

Whether you’re allowed to wear capris or shorts to work this summer, or if you’re wearing jeans or khakis, we’ve got ideas for you. So read on, ladies, because we’ve got eight styles of slip resistant shoes to work with your summer work wardrobe. Continue reading

How to Clean Slip Resistant Shoes [Part 1: Upper]

We occasionally get the question, “How do I clean my slip resistant work shoes?” After a recent discussion on Twitter, we decided to break this topic down here on Get a Grip!

To properly maintain your slip resistant shoes, there are two things you must consider: cleaning the upper and cleaning the outsole. A shoe’s “upper” is everything above the sole that covers the sides and top of the foot. This is the majority of the visible part of the shoe. A shoe’s “outsole” is the bottom part of the shoe that touches the floor. This is what makes the shoe slip resistant.

Today’s post will focus on cleaning and caring for a shoe upper. Continue reading

Our Top 3 Greatest Waiter Shoes

Whether you’re working your way through college or an experienced veteran of the restaurant industry, being a waiter can be grueling on your body. Carrying food, running in and out of the hot kitchen, and above all being on your feet take a toll on your body. Because of this, having the right restaurant shoes is even more important. Continue reading