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Your Nursing To-Do List

Article by Emily Bennett

As a nurse, you have one of the most demanding jobs in the workforce. You work long shifts with little downtime (no doubt you are familiar with those twelve-hour shifts), stand on your feet in nursing shoes all day, and are dedicated to helping others no matter what the situation may be. Generally, you are responsible for assisting physicians in providing patient care, educating patients on an array of medical conditions, and offering advice to the patient as well as to their family.

Nurse Shoes

Rise & Shine!

When you arrive at work, one of your first responsibilities is to speak with the previous night’s nurse to get caught up to speed on patient progress. After this, you review patient records to get an idea of which and how many patients you’ll be caring for. Once this has all been completed, other preparations for the day are made which consist of you looking over patient tests that will be administered throughout the span of the day, coordinating schedules with doctors, and checking emails.

Throughout the morning, you see patients to check their vitals all while constantly using your feet. Patient data is charted in a computer, and throughout the day, you’ll find yourself working alongside the doctor to administer any testing, assisting in whichever way necessary based on the situation. All of the coordination, meetings, and emergency sprints during this period of time surely aren’t gracious to your feet.

A Brief Relief

Around the midpoint of the day, you take lunch, but you never plan on it being much of a break because at any time it could be interrupted due to an emergency. As the afternoon moves on, you continue checking on and caring for patients. Once you get a chance to breathe between patient emergencies, appointments, testing, and scheduling, you return to your desk to catch up on less critical matters, such as paperwork and emails.

A Well Earned Rest

At the end of the day, you leave almost entirely drained of energy. You go home, take care of personal matters, eat dinner, and are in bed around nine or ten in order to get enough sleep for the next action-packed day.

You know that a day in the life of a nurse can be hectic, no two days are alike. After an eight or twelve hour shift, you’ve done more than the average person could ever imagine throughout your day, especially when it comes to standing, walking, bending, and maybe even running in nurse shoes for hours on end. Your legs are exhausted and cramped from the long day’s work that you’ve encountered while taking care of others so selflessly. The hours and stress undoubtedly take a toll on you both mentally and physically. It’s the price you pay to do the job you love, taking care of others.

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