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How to Start a Shoe Program

Article by Lindsay Cleghorn

For some employees, getting to a store to get slip-resistant shoes isn’t an easy task. Between getting to the shoe store, confirming that the shoes are slip resistant, and then finding a style that is comfortable, and that they will like can be a bit of a challenge.

Shoe programs can be a great solution. In fact, our goal is to help YOU reduce workplace injuries by offering the best slip resistant shoes in the styles and brands that you know your employees actually want to wear.

With the shoe program, we give you everything you need to figure out just exactly what types of results you should be looking for.

So, are you ready to take the plunge and start your own slip-resistant shoe program? Just follow these simple steps below:


Identify Key Issues

The first thing that we recommend you do is corral all of the corporate managers, department heads, and safety directors together and have them work together to determine what problems and issues the company has had with slips and falls. Bringing the leaders of the company together to understand the true extent of the issue is the first step in starting a footwear program.

Tally the Expenses

Next, you will need to factor in what the true cost of slips and falls and figure out what these accidents have really been costing you. If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to collecting this information, we are more than happy to help you figure it out, and help you understand the true measure in which slips and falls have affected your bottom line over the years.

Set Parameters

Now that you have determined your company is indeed in need of a shoe program, it’s time to determine what parameters you want your soon-to-be program to have. We are more than happy to meet the needs of your company specifically in order to create a custom program for you.

Get Excited!

Get your company excited about your new shoe program! There needs to be a strong level of cohesion from the boardroom, all the way to the stock room. Without basic buy-in awareness from your company, the program will more than likely fall flat. So put up posters, send emails, and create some awareness!

Are you Measuring Up?

It’s time for the fun part. That’s right, its time to measure your results! This step is necessary to quantify your program’s success. This is how you prove to your superiors that your program is successful! We recommend measuring the progress of your program at intervals of 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 18 months, 2 years, and every year after that.

A successful shoe program isn’t something that just happens overnight. You need a strategic plan, and a little help from your dedicated SR Max team in order to really make this program a true success.


Ready to start your own shoe program? Click here.

Slippery Floor with Mop

9 Safety Tactics You Can Implement on the Job

Article by Lindsay Cleghorn

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. When it comes to safety you can never be too careful. Safety tactics should always be evolving to meet the new codes and compliances as well as enhance your safety standards. Check out these tips and reminders to help you keep your codes up to speed:

Identify Hazards in the Workplace

Make an effort to identify what’s broken. Research safety standards and do regular walkthroughs of your facility, and talk with your employees to see what they view as an issue or what they think needs fixed.

Create a Safety Checklist

Create a safety checklist and make it available to EVERYONE. Don’t forget to refer to it, refine it, and repost it.

Solicit Employee feedback

It comes as no surprise that workers on the front line will have more insight as to what needs to be done to improve work  safety programs. All they need is an opportunity to say what they need without fear of judgement or repercussions from people of authority.

Update your Signage

Do safety posters and warning signs work? Yes… if they’re current and relevant. Does this mean it’s time to trash the faded, coffee-stained posters that have been hanging by one thumbtack in the break room since Nixon was in office? Yes, yes it does.

Hold Monthly Inspections

When it comes to inspections, positive reinforcement is typically the best way to go when it comes to giving feedback to employees. Inspections should involve praise and rewards for everything being done right, with limited punishment for mistakes.

Implement New Hire Orientations

Your new employees need more than just a handbook that contains the general outline of safety procedures. Explain incentives that are offered and offer real-life examples of how attention to safety has made a difference for the company and to the employees that work there.

Educate your Employees

Whether it’s printed newsletters, e-blasts, break room flyers, texts or monthly meetings, keep safety in the forefront of every employee’s mind and keep them informed of any safety changes that may affect their safety procedures.

Constantly Refine your Standards

Your mantra for your safety standards should sounds something like this: Refer to it, Refine it, and Repost it! Your safety program should always be evolving. Establish procedures and check-ins and “recreate” your culture as needed.

Research and Invest in a Safety Shoe Program

Having a corporate shoe plan in place translates to reduced accidents, compensation costs, insurance premiums, and increased productivity – all which mean an increased profit margin for the company.

As you can see, taking steps in the right direction for a seamless safety program is a lot simpler than one may initially think. To learn more about what SR Max can do for you, or to check out our slip resistant shoes,  visit us online at srmax.com.