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Socking It

Article by Emily Bennett

Believe it or not, socks play a huge role in foot comfort when it comes to wearing slip-resistant shoes throughout the day. Contrary to popular belief, the type of sock that you wear can greatly affect your overall performance in the workplace, ranging from the lack of warmth that you are getting from standing on your feet for hours on end, or simply from the amount of cushion that you are receiving.

You might be wondering why the fit of your socks is so important. The answer is simple. If your socks don’t fit your feet, you will not be comfortable, and it will interfere with your ability to perform to highest potential in the workplace.

When selecting slip-resistant shoes, one should be mindful that tight socks can cramp toes just as much as ill-fitted shoes can. Socks that are wrinkled, too big or too small, or even rough feeling can cause blisters as a result of skin being rubbed raw.

Choosing the right sock is as easy as 1,2,3

You should remain mindful that the perfect sock for working conditions should be made of:

  1. A synthetic fiber to wick away moisture.
  2. Be thick enough to provide a barrier between the foot and sole of the shoe for maximum comfort.
  3. Fit to your specific arch type to ensure a proper fit. You should also pay attention to  your own health needs, as some types of socks can help prevent swelling, muscle weakness, and help to maintain foot temperature.

Whether or not we want to accept it, sock fit plays an essential role in shoe fit and foot health. Socks help our feet to stay dry in wet conditions, warm in cold conditions, cool in hot conditions, and give us constant relief and protection in our slip-resistant footwear from standing for hours on end.


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