At SR Max®, there’s always talk around MaxTrax®; our highly effective patented and slip-resistant shoe outsole. While you’re constantly protected on the job wearing the sole that Works Where You Work, have you ever wondered what actually goes into producing it? Ponder no more.

When SR Max® first came to be in 2007, MaxTrax® had not yet been invented, and we carried shoes with slip-resistant outsoles from other companies instead. Fast-forward one year, SR Max® opted to advance the game by developing and producing the most slip resistant outsole available by:

  • Creating the overall design of the tread – The exclusive pattern developed for MaxTrax® is intended to give the outsole the highest amount of surface area possible, while still providing deep grooves arranged to help channel liquids. This specialized groove design allows for an essential self-cleaning feature that keeps the bottom of your shoes cleaner than many other slip resistant work shoes.
  • Using a flexible, soft rubber compound outsole – The MaxTrax® outsole provides more give upon impact, which allows for a reinforced grip and a better hold on the ground. In our independent Brungrabber Mark II slip resistance testing in greasy, high soil oily/wet, and wet environments, MaxTrax® proved itself to be an icon of slip resistance. MaxTrax® far surpassed the Coefficient of Friction (i.e. the measure of slip resistance) necessary to make a safe step in each test. Where other outsoles failed on one type of surface or had COF’s near the mark for slipping on others, SR Max® alone exceeded the threshold on all surfaces tested.
  • Partnerships – All SR Max® brand shoes are made with our MaxTrax® outsole, but we’ve also partnered up with several other brands to make MaxTrax® available on select shoes offered exclusively by SR Max®. Be on the lookout for the MaxTrax® logo on many styles we offer from brands such as Skechers, Rockport Works, and Reebok.

Interested in getting your own pair of slip-resistant shoes featuring the MaxTrax® outsole? Check us out online at

*Please Note: While our MaxTrax® outsole is truly in a class of its own, it is important to remember that no shoe is completely slip-proof. This is particularly the case if the sole of the shoe is prevented from making contact with the floor (for example: slipping on a banana peel). Always utilize caution and take preventative measures when working in slippery environments.