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Slip Resistant Cold Storage Shoes

If you work in cold storage or a walk-in freezer, you know the dangers such cold conditions bring. A slip and fall can lead to serious physical injury including concussions and broken bones, not to mention lost wages and medical bills.

SR Max Cold Storage outsoles are specially designed to give improved traction in cold conditions! The outsole is designed to maintain its slip resistance longer, so you get the better traction than with the typical slip resistant outsole in cold storage conditions.

Benefits of the SR Max Cold Storage line include:

  • Improved slip resistance in cold conditions
  • The same great slip resistance on water and grease
  • Available in a variety of styles – shoe, hiker, boot, overshoe
  • Durable material designed to withstand the rigors of the daily grind
  • Extra cushioning for increased comfort
  • Up to size 15 shoes for those with larger feet
  • Available in soft toe, steel toe, and composite toe technologies for proper protection in all situations

Our line of SR Max Cold Storage shoes features the industry leading outsole technology to provide you with added safety in the work place. Choose the option that's right for you and improve safety even in cold conditions!

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Benefits for Safety Managers & Owners

Eliminating workplace accidents is important for employees, managers and owners alike. Slip and fall accidents can cost thousands of dollars in medical costs, loss of income, rising insurance premiums and even legal fees. Wearing the right type of slip resistant shoes for the environment can reduce the occurrence of slip and fall accidents and save companies money.

A great way for managers and owners to reduce slip and fall accidents is to implement a slip resistant shoe program with SR Max Slip Resistant Shoe Company. A corporate shoe program allows an owner to provide their employees with easy access to quality slip resistant shoes designed specifically for the hazards their environment presents. Learn more about our corporate shoe programs and how they can benefit your company today.

Contact us today for more information and to see how we can help your reduce slip and fall workplace accidents.