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MegaComfort Personal Ant-Fatigue Mat Memory Foam Insole



Retail Price: $51.00


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We have  of this size/width on hand. NOTE: Actual quantity on hand may be lower.

Dual layer Memory Foam insoles. Machine washable. Anti-fungal. Anti-bacterial. Anti-Perspiration. Odor reducing scent. Unisex sizes:3-14 whole sizes only.

Safety Features

  • Comfort Guarantee
  • Insoles

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  • review_star_lg_filled.pngreview_star_lg_filled.pngreview_star_lg_filled.pngreview_star_lg_filled.pngreview_star_lg_filled.png Comfort Rating
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Fit Ratings

  • 100% said "Felt true to size"
  • 100% said "Felt true to width"
  • 100% said "Excellent arch support"
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By: Jake

I am a rigger for a crane company and spend up to 16hrs a day on my feet. I didn't know how good they were until my first pair wore out (7 months) and I tried a cheep insert. My feet were in so much pain with the cheep insert, so I went and picked up my second pair. If, you are looking for arch support, look no more and do you feet a favor. Pick up a pair and you will very pleased.

Posted: 08/10/13

  • review_star_sm_filled.pngreview_star_sm_filled.pngreview_star_sm_filled.pngreview_star_sm_filled.pngreview_star_sm_filled.png Overall
  • review_star_sm_filled.pngreview_star_sm_filled.pngreview_star_sm_filled.pngreview_star_sm_filled.pngreview_star_sm_filled.png Comfort
  • review_star_sm_filled.pngreview_star_sm_filled.pngreview_star_sm_filled.pngreview_star_sm_filled.pngreview_star_sm_filled.png Slip Resistances

  • Arch Support: Excellent arch support
  • Size: Felt true to size
  • Width: Felt true to width