Have you cleaned a pair of shoes before? How about a pair of slip resistant shoes? Like everything else you own, your slip resistant shoes require a little maintenance to ensure that they are performing their best in your slippery workplace environment. Since our shoes are specially designed with slip resistant outsoles, it can be fairly tricky to clean them. You can’t just run a rag over the bottom and call it a day.

Follow the simple steps below to get the bottom of your shoes clean and ready for your next work adventure!

Pointers for Cleaning Slip Resistant Shoes
Keep the shoes at a 90-degree angle so that the outsole is pointing straight up and down…this is going to help keep the sides of your shoe dry during the cleaning process.
• Is there a lot of hardened material between the treads on the bottom of your shoe? No problem! Soak your shoes in about 1/4 inch of water for a few minutes to soften everything up before you start the cleaning process. Make sure the level of the water just barely covers the bottom of your shoes – you don’t want water coming up higher than the midsole or you’ll end up with wet shoes!

Water Lines - How to clean sllip resistant shoes

What You’ll Need

  • The dirty shoes
  • A stiff, nylon bristle brush (no steel bristles!)
  • A bowl of warm water and dish soapCleaning supplies for shoes



Using your stiff nylon brush and warm soapy water, scrub the outsole of your slip resistant work shoes following the direction of the main grooves in the outsole (front to back and side to side). Remember to keep your shoes pointing straight up and down so that any runoff does not spill onto the side of the shoe.




Cleaning shoesWashing restaurant shoes



Use a hose or sink faucet to rinse the outsoles to remove any soap residue and debris that the brush has loosened. Remember to keep your work shoes pointing straight up and down so that any runoff does not spill onto the side of the shoe.



Cleaning Waiter ShoesClean work shoes


And voila! You’ve got yourself a pair of slip resistant shoes as clean as John Travolta’s 1948 Ford De Luxe Convertible. Go get ‘em tiger.