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Every Step Tells a Story… And We’re With You Every Step of the Way

We aren't just here to sell you shoes. At SR Max we offer over 200 styles of slip resistant shoes from some of your favorite brands, including our own! We want to do more than just sell you top quality slip resistant footwear. We want to educate and assist you in any way possible. That's why we offer shoe programs that are designed specifically to meet the needs of your company.

Your Safety Partner:

For over a decade, our focus has been to provide exceptional customer service, and even better products to our customers. We believe that slip resistant shoes don't have to be uncomfortable and unfashionable, that’s why we stand by our name. You see, SR is actually short for Slip Resistant. Making our name "Slip Resistant to the Max" We have created our own unique tread pattern, allowing for maximum grip when you're walking on slippery surfaces. With a little help from your safety partners here at SR Max, we guarantee we can help you build a shoe program that is designed to specifically meet the needs of your company. 

The SR Max story began in Greensboro, North Carolina in 2007. We made it our mission to go where no shoe company had gone before... We wanted to do more than just sell shoes to our customers, we wanted to educate and provide them with superior customer service as well, in order to ensure that they received the perfect pair of slip resistant work shoes. A decade has passed and we still haven't changed our core values, or our goals of going above and beyond for our customers. Let us take care of you, so that you can take care of others!