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About SR Max Slip Resistant Shoes

SR Max Slip Resistant Shoes introduced “Slip Resistant Shoes You Love from the Brands You Know and Trust” in January of 2007. However, the SR Max story began nearly 3 decades prior.

In 1980, at the age of 40, Bob Kubis was finishing up his 15th year at Branovan’s “Safety Shoe” Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Early that year, an owner of the company asked Bob if he would consider a partnership to develop a similar business in North Carolina. Bob and his wife Ann would provide the work and three other partners would provide most of the initial investment; Bob and Ann jumped at the opportunity. So in March of 1980, Bob and Ann moved their family from the small town of Muskego, Wisconsin to Greensboro, North Carolina and opened Saf-Gard Safety Shoe Company on March 31st, 1980 in a 1,500 square foot warehouse.

The company motto, “Service After Fitting” is still at the heart of the company’s values today. In the beginning, Bob and Ann worked 70+ hour weeks to get their start up running, yet managed time to attend all of the important school, sporting, and church events that their three young children, Patrick, Jeff and Gregg, were involved in. Bob travelled throughout North Carolina for the first month, sharing his passion for customer service and his “Shoemobile” concept. By the second month, his first shoe truck was already booked nearly 100% of the time. In the third month, Bob and Ann hired their first, full time “Shoemobile driver” and the company was able to cover all its costs even before the end of its first year. Work consumed 6, and often 7, days a week, and the entire family helped out at the small store. The sons were given Saturday duties of counting inventory, weeding, and helping to restock and wash the trucks. Being growing boys, the work was often rewarded with Bob’s steak grilling skills most Saturday evenings.

As the boys grew through their teen years, Bob and Ann continued to grow the business, buying out their original partners, working with the same zeal for customer service and always staying involved in their kids’ lives. Their dedication to family and work continue to be among the company’s values today. Ultimately, the work we do is for the benefit of our families.

As children often do, Patrick, Jeff and Gregg all went to college and learned different skills with plans to strike out on their own careers - outside of the family business. Each had success, but by 1993, all 3 had chosen to join Bob and Ann to learn the family business. That same year, Pat moved to Richmond, VA, opening Saf-Gard’s second location. He was told, “You sure are green” by a safety manager within the town, and it was the truth since the same safety manager awarded a contract to the “new company in town” only a month later. He commented that he felt he could rely on Saf-Gard to take care of his people even if the local manager was just getting started. Bob Kubis’s dedication to customer service was passed on to his sons.

Building on the customer-driven approach, Saf-Gard has continued growing over the last 17 years. Today, we have over 160 client-focused team members working to serve our customers in 15 retail stores, 42 Shoemobile stores, and 12 “on site” stores at customer facilities from South Carolina through New England. In addition to the Kubis family, many other long-time workers have encouraged friends, sons, daughters, sisters, uncles, cousins and even a father-in-law to join Saf-Gard, and now SR Max. We take great pride that over 60 of our 160 employees have other family members working here with them today. Many others have joined Saf-Gard and SR Max at the advice of friends. We believe that most people want to work in a place where they can feel good about the service they give and that has been a big part of our ability to succeed. We work to have the best team of people who care anywhere!

Founded in 2007, SR Max stands for “Slip Resistance to the Max.” Although a relatively young establishment, the core values of the company and the knowledge for serving our customers started with the dream of Bob and Ann Kubis way back in March 1980.

Today, SR Max stocks over 150 styles of independently tested slip resistant shoes in a variety of brands and constructions. All shoes featured in the SR Max catalog and website are independently tested and meet a minimum slip resistance level. With more options for fit and construction, our customers can find a shoe that is comfortable for their feet and slip resistant. We have over 100 national accounts and offer our service at over 15,000 work locations in the United States. Our own SR Max brand and SR Max Ice brands are the most recent additions to our offerings, and they test as the best slip resistant outsoles in the market. We are here to serve you and will customize each corporate program to the uniform and workplace needs your safety team outlines.

Thank you for choosing SR Max!