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How To Get The
Perfect Fit... Every Time.

With SR Max® you don’t have to settle for uncomfy slip-resistant shoes. Equipped with the right info, we can help you get an amazing pair that delivers all-day comfort.

How To Find The Ultimate Fit

When it comes to finding work shoes that feel incredible and give you the perfect all-day wear experience, there are three main things to keep in mind.


Give your toes plenty of wiggle room. That means you should select a size that keeps your toes from bumping up against the end of your shoe.


Ensure that your heels stay snuggly in place. Sliding in and out of your shoes as you walk can lead to blisters and foot pain.


Shop for your foot width. Most people need a medium-width shoe, so if you’re not sure where to begin, start there and adjust your size accordingly.

The chart below will help; just remember that there’s about ⅕” difference between each width.

Extra Narrow A 4A / AAAA
Narrow B / N 2A / AA
Narrow Medium C  
Medium D / M / Reg B / M
Medium Wide E / MW C
Wide EW / W D / W
Extra Wide EEE / EW / WW / XW 2E / EE / WW / XW / EW
2X Wide EEEE  
3X Wide 5E  
4X Wide 6E  

Aetrex Foot Scanners

When shopping our products at a Saf-Gard retail store, many are equipped with Aetrex foot scanners. This technology captures data like foot length, width, instep, arch height and pressure points. Just step on the scanner and less than 20 seconds later you’ll see your foot data and recommendations for perfect fitting insoles. And our staff will use this info to get you into perfect fitting slip-resistant shoes.


Bring a Fitting Service Directly to Your Employees