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Sizing and Fit

In order to make sure that you'll be wearing comfortable slip resistant shoes for work, it is important to understand shoe sizes and widths as well as the relationship between men's and women's shoe sizes. Being knowledgeable about the fit of your new slip resistant footwear will make the purchasing process more enjoyable, quick and easy.


Shoe length is measured by what is commonly referred to as "shoe size". SR Max Slip Resistant Shoes carries sizes 4-18 for men and Women's are from 3-1/2-12. For ladies who want to wear a men's or unisex shoe, remember to subtract 1.5 to 2 sizes from your normal shoe size, so a woman who wears a size 9 would wear a men's size 7.5 or 7 shoe.


In addition to length, shoes are also measured in width, which is just as important. The average shoe purchaser will wear a Medium width shoe, also known as a 'D' width. Unless marked otherwise, most shoes purchased from a shoe store will come in Medium width. However, if you wear a narrow width or wide width shoe, consult the chart below to figure out your shoe width. There is roughly a 1/5" difference between each width.

  • A = Extra Narrow
  • B / N: Narrow
  • C: Narrow Medium
  • D / M / REG: Medium
  • E / MW: Medium Wide
  • EE / W: Wide
  • W/XW: Wide/Extra Wide
  • EEE / EW / WW / XW: Extra Wide
  • EEEE / 4E: 2X Wide
  • 5E: 3X Wide
  • 6E: 4X Wide

Special Sizing

Some women wear child sized shoes and struggle to find slip resistant shoes that fit properly. If this is you, simply add 2 sizes to the child size to find an equivalent shoe in women's sizes. So if you wear a size 3.5 kid's shoe, you would wear a size 5.5 women’s shoe.

If you are concerned about getting slip resistant shoes that fit properly, you can always call our offices Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm EST and talk to one of our helpful Customer Service Representatives. They are trained to assist you in finding a comfortable slip resistant shoe in the proper size and width, and can recommend a style that will provide the most comfort and safety for your work environment.