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Patrick is the food service manager at a theme park in Williamsburg, Virginia. Over the last decade, he has watched the park transform with state of the art rides, updated snack bars and food kiosks. He has also seen a transformation in the conditions that the staff has to work in. Being able to traverse a wide variety of slick, greasy surfaces with ease, Patrick has come to appreciate his slip resistant shoes from SR Max.

SR Max is proud to carry slip resistant shoes for a variety of key industries. Choosing the right pair of slip resistant shoes for the dangers that your work environment presents is very important.

Our large selection of slip resistant footwear is sure to suit any and all of your company's footwear needs.

For more information about how our line of slip resistant footwear can help employees in your field, click on your industry below.

If you don't see your industry listed and would like to know more about options for your field, you can call SR Max at 1.877.SRMAX33 (877-776-2933) or contact us with questions. We'll be glad to help you find the right shoe for your work environment.

Top-Rated Styles

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