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Comfort Technologies

There are many factors that go into making a comfortable slip resistant shoe. Material, construction, cushioning and support should all be considered. In order to be sure that your next slip resistant shoe for work is exactly what you need, it’s important to be informed about the various technologies that go into how a slip resistant shoe is made.


The "upper" of a shoe is the material that covers the toes as well as the back, sides and top of the foot. Uppers can be made of one or more of a variety of materials, including leather, action leather, suede and mesh. Make sure to choose a shoe that has an upper that fits your activity level, as well as your work environment.

  • Full grain leather
    • generally found on dress shoes
    • presents a more finished appearance
    • easy to clean
    • durable
  • Action leather
    • typically found on athletic or casual shoes
    • more flexible
    • more breathable than full grain leather
    • easy to clean
    • durable
  • Mesh/Suede
    • tend to be found as accents on work shoes
    • Suede: offers a pleasing aesthetic quality
    • Mesh: affords more breathability for dry feet on the job


An “insole” is the interior part of the shoe that the foot rests on. Oftentimes this piece has been enhanced with extra cushioning in the heel or “impact zone”. Various insole technologies are used based on the style and purpose of the shoe.

  • Cushioned
    • some padding in heel, generally found in low profile Oxford shoes
  • Full cushion
    • cushioning in heel and impact zone areas, typically in low profile athletic shoes
  • Extra cushion
    • maximum cushion for maximum comfort, mostly in athletic shoes
  • Impact zone padding
    • extra cushioning at ball of foot


It is possible to overlook the lining of a work shoe when considering comfort, but the proper shoe lining is definitely important. A mesh fabric lining will wick away moisture to maintain a cool, dry shoe interior. A proper lining means more comfort and fewer odors. It is important to choose a shoe that has the proper lining for your work environment.


Also commonly referred to as the “footbed,” the midsole is the portion of the shoe between the insole and outsole that provides foot support, cushioning and stability. Improvements in midsole technology now allow for more cushion, greater arch support and even ergonomic designs to decrease foot, leg and back pain! This is especially important for anyone with flat feet or high arches, as not choosing a shoe with the proper midsole could lead to pain at work.

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