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Slips and falls are the number one cause of accidents in the hospitality industry. Most hospitality employees are aware of the unique dangers that working in a casino or hotel environment presents, but most don’t know the benefits that wearing quality slip resistant shoes can provide. Wearing a good pair of slip resistant hospitality shoes can reduce the chances of slip and fall accidents caused by spilled water from a pool, kitchen hazards, greasy or slippery tile floors in bathrooms and many other hospitality hazards.

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Benefits for Owners and Managers

Eliminating workplace accidents in the healthcare industry is important for employees, managers, and owners alike. Slip and fall accidents can cost thousands of dollars in medical costs, loss of income, rising insurance premiums, and even legal fees. Wearing the right type of slip resistant shoes can reduce the occurrence of slip and fall accidents and save hospitality businesses money.

A great way for managers and owners to reduce slip and fall accidents is to implement a slip resistant shoe program with SR Max. A corporate shoe program allows you to provide your employees with easy access to quality slip resistant shoes designed specifically for the hazards that the hospitality industry presents. Learn more about our corporate safety shoe programs and how they can benefit your company today.

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