The wearers of our shoes are no strangers to slippery floors. Grease, water, oil, and liquified fats are daily hazards to be overcome in most foodservice, restaurant, grocery, healthcare and even hospitality worksites. Over the years, we have learned from a variety of feedback sources that our slip resistant shoes perform extraordinarily well under these conditions. Now outside testing has confirmed it.

UL LLC, a global independent safety science company with more than a century of promoting safe working environments, conducted what we like to call “The Crisco Test.”

In this lab-controlled experiment, worn, smooth, greasy Sima Italian Red Quarry Tile was smeared with three grams of Crisco Shortening. On a scale where 0.0 is the absence of friction and 1.0 is friction (e.g., dry carpet), SR Max’s® top rating of 0.78 was heads and shoulders above the competition. In fact, SR Max’s® Arlington, Dover and Huntington slip resistant shoes received some of the highest industry ratings overall.

With safety always being a paramount concern, we’re obviously pleased with the independent testing results. What sets us apart even further from the competition (in our humble opinion) is our commitment to safety, comfort and style. Our mission has always been to deliver slip resistant shoes that look good and feel great. When you invest in a pair of our shoes, you’re investing in your daily comfort.

Slippery floors are always a hazard to be respected. A great first “step” is to choose an outsole that provides maximum slip resistance in your environment. With these UL test results, you can know that SR Max® Brand slip resistant footwear beats the competition in grease and so if you work in grease SR Max® Brand shoes are a great choice for you!