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The Most Commonly Slipped-On Surfaces

It’s true…Americans slip and fall a lot. In fact, over one million Americans suffer a slip, trip, or fall injury every year. You’d almost wonder how we get so much done when we’re spending that much time letting gravity take us down. We slip both outside and...

Helpful Tips for New Bussers

So you’ve taken on a new job as a busser at a restaurant, but the hectic restaurant life is a bit overwhelming right now. Here’s a few of our tips to make sure that you stand out at your new job.

Treating and Preventing Foot Pain

In many industries that some of our customers work in, you’re required to be on your feet for eight hours a day. People who work in restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, and more are expected to stand nearly all day, and we understand that providing great customer service sometimes gets a bit difficult when your feet and legs are screaming at you. So if standing on your feet all day is causing you to think, “if one more customer asks me to walk them back to the milk section, they’re getting that milk dumped all over them,” read on for some tips on how to keep the pain in your feet low after a long shift.

Five Steps for Launching a Successful Corporate Shoe Program

If you’re thinking about starting a corporate shoe program for your company, you’re smarter than people think. A corporate shoe program is a great way to keep employees safe and happy, and a payroll deduction plan allows your employees to spread small payments across several paychecks. These programs allow employees to pick the style and color of their pair of slip- resistant shoes, and they prevent accidents from happening in the workplace. That means a reduction in the volume of workers compensation claims, and fewer lost days from work due to an accident.

Helpful Tips for CNA’s

Nursing assistants are crucial parts of the overall nursing team, and their job is incredibly important. You’re on your feet nearly all day caring for residents and patients in a nursing home, and many of them can consume most of your time and attention. In a job as important and challenging as this one, we’re sure that you’ll take all of the tips you can get.

How to Keep Calm When You’re in The Weeds

As with most professions, it is important to communicate with fellow employees and customers. This still rings true in the restaurant industry. Even when you are extremely busy, it is important to take the extra few seconds to introduce yourself to your table, take their order, and make sure they feel like you are there for them.

Safety Tips for All Industries

Warehouses, foundries, construction sites and factories can be some of the most dangerous places to work when it comes to accidents and injury: large and moving machinery such as forklifts, carrying heavy loads such as pallets and heavy equipment can be hazardous for you and your workers. Download our FREE infographic poster and share these tips today!

How to Start A Shoe Program 101

Are you looking to start a shoe program for your company? Check out this infographic to get clear, simple steps on how to do it!    Click here for your FREE download of this infographic!        Looking to learn more about our slip-resistant shoes?...

A Quick Guide to Healthy Feet

Each day we rely on our feet to get us where we need to go, and often we don’t think twice about it. Whether we’re standing for hours on end, walking around, working or even resting, our feet are constantly supporting us. They do so much for us, but how much do we really know about them? We’ve compiled some of our best information on feet, and how to take care of them. Read on to check it out!

What Exactly Is MaxTrax?

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating a slip resistant outsole? With our patented SR Max MaxTrax outsole, it features a unique tread design, flexible and soft rubber compound, and is featured on many styles we offer from brands such as Skechers, Dansko, Rockport Works, and Reebok. While you’re constantly protected on the job and wearing the sole that “Works Where You Work”, there is no need to worry about a slip and fall accident on the job.