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Clean up on aisle 4. When your team’s working in produce, cold storage or the deli, slick floors are sometimes unavoidable. And when it happens, you’ve gotta make sure your team’s protected. One of the best ways to avoid slip-and-fall accidents is with our custom slip-resistant shoe programs.

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reduction in slip-and-fall accidents

“Partnering with SR Max® has increased compliance and increased associate satisfaction while reducing the organization’s total cost of the program.”

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Streamlined Subsidy Tracking and Reporting

When it comes to ensuring your team has the slip-resistant protection they need, nothing quite beats our subsidy tracking system. With just a few clicks, you can generate custom reports and see who’s used their subsidies.

The Power of MaxTRAX®

Your basic outsole (shoe tread) doesn’t cut it on a slippery production line. That’s because most outsoles aren’t designed to. That’s why we created MaxTRAX®, our patented slip-resistant outsole that outshines ASTM standards. MaxTRAX® is independently tested in actual working conditions and performs phenomenally on dry, wet, oily and oily/wet surfaces. It’s so good that you can find it on our favorite brands, like Timberland PRO®, Wolverine®, SKECHERS Work, Reebok Work and more.


In-house Customer Service

We believe customer service should make your life easier, not cause more roadblocks. That’s what you get with our fully in-house customer service team. Need more convincing? Our team has an average wait time of 2 seconds (after our 8-second welcome message) and gets most issues resolved in under 5 minutes.

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Onsite Fitting Services

Boosting employee compliance is all about making things as easy as possible. With our onsite fitting services, we’ll professionally fit your entire team (a must for maximum comfort) and order their new work shoes in a matter of a single visit. Many locations also qualify for our Mobile Shoe Stores, which means your team can walk away with a new pair of comfy slip-resistant shoes all on the same day. When we say easy, we really do mean it.


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Ready to protect your team and save big?


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