At SR Max, we believe you deserve a choice when it comes to slip resistant shoes. If you prefer a low-profile sneaker to a traditional athletic, you should be able to choose from multiple styles. If you want a white shoe, you should have a plethora of options. And if you prefer to wear shoes from a certain brand, you should certainly have that option.

SR Max currently carries over 100 styles of slip resistant shoes from 10 top footwear brands. In addition to our top rated SR Max brand, we also carry shoes from Skechers, Crocs, KEEN, Dr. Martens, Rockport, New Balance and a few others. This has been one the reasons that we’re the fastest growing slip resistant shoe provider in the United Sates, because employees like having the choice of wearing shoes from these top name brands.

Some of you have asked, “Why don’t you carry Brand X?” and the short answer is that we have a stringent approval process. We believe our customers deserve to have the choice of the best shoes on the market, so we won’t sell just any slip resistant shoe. We start by checking the comfort and quality of the shoes, to be sure that they are going to feel great and last. Once we established that the shoes are good, we move on to slip resistance.

In case you aren’t aware, SR Max has a minimum standard of slip resistance. We only sell shoes that test at least a 0.40 CoF on the Mark II Brungraber High Soil Oily/Wet slip resistance test. Since there are no standards for shoe slip resistance, any shoe can claim to be “slip resistant” without backing it up. Our name stands for Slip Resistance to the Max, and we demand that any shoe we offer meet our high standards. This means that our customers can count on our shoes to perform well in the harshest work environments, because we’ve already vetted them.

We are always looking to expand our line and offer new options for our customers. Be on the lookout for new introductions throughout the year, because as we find shoes that are comfortable, quality and have a high slip resistance rating, we’ll offer them to you. Our shoe selection is like an exclusive club: we only let the best in.

Interested in wearing the best? We’d love for you to take a moment and browse our selection of slip resistant shoes for men and slip resistant shoes for women.