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Shoes for Big Feet

By SR Max

Shoes for Big Feet
We understand that choosing a work safety shoe is a very personal choice. You want a shoe that is comfortable and made of quality materials, but most of all you want a shoe that fits! This can be a challenge if you have a very large foot, so weve compiled a list of shoes that are available in larger sizes. If youre struggling to find a shoe big enough for your foot, take a look!All of the shoes listed in this post are sized in mens sizes, because generally men have the most trouble getting a slip resistant shoe large enough. However, if you are a woman looking for a large shoe, remember that your equivalent in mens shoes is two sizes smaller. This means if you are a womens size 10, you would wear a mens size 8, and so on.The first shoe we recommend for those who need big work shoes is our New Balance athletic sneaker. This all black slip resistant sneaker is available all the way up to a size 16. If you are concerned about width, it is available in a 4E as well as a D width. This shoe is a great choice for most situations that allow sneakers at work.  Another popular choice for those with large or wide feet is the Crocs Bistro. This Bistro is available as large as a 15 EW, plenty wide enough for just about any foot. Because there are a number of colors to choose from (blue, black, white, orange) this shoe is as versatile as it is comfortable.SR Max<sup/>® Manhattan Men's Black Slip Resistant Dress Shoe SR Max<sup/>® Manhattan Men's Brown Slip Resistant Dress ShoeIf you work in an environment where a certain standard of dress is required, picking out shoes is hard enough without needing a large size. Thats where the SR Max® Manhattan makes a smart choice. Not only is it our most popular slip resistant dress shoes and available in both black and brown, but the Manhattan is available all the way up to size 16 EW. All the comfort and style you need, in a size that fits your foot.SR Max<sup/>® Providence Men's Black Slip Resistant Dress OxfordOne more option: if you are in the rare category of person who wears a size 17 slip resistant shoe, we have an option for you! The SR Max® Providence is available in size 17 by special request. If you need this style, please call us at 877-776-2933 during our regular business hours for more details. Have you ever struggled to find shoes that are large enough? What solutions have you found in the past? Let us know in the comments below!

Categories: Featured  |  Authored by: SR Max  |  Posted: 07/11/2012