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Steps to Make Shoes Slip Resistant

By SR Max

Steps to Make Shoes Slip Resistant
Article by Brinklee BaileyImagine you purchased an item for a specific task, only to find out that it wasnt the right item. Perhaps you only had a sponge and bucket to wash the outside of your house, or you brought a baseball bat to play golf. Would you try to do the job with the wrong equipment anyway?Parking Lot KayakOf course, these are ridiculous examples, but oftentimes if we find that we have the wrong shoes for work, were tempted to try to just use what we have, instead of getting the right tool for the job. Specifically, Im referring to the question of how to make a regular shoe into a slip resistant shoe.Lets be clear, this is never a safe idea. These do-it-yourself solutions are the equivalent of driving nails through the soles of your shoes to create cleats! The internet has tons of crazy suggestions as to how to make your shoes slip resistant, such as:
  • Put nonslip bathtub appliqus on the soles
  • Stick adhesive bandages on the ball and sole of each shoe
  • Attach double-sided tape to the soles
  • Buy some anti-slip spray
Slipping IconWARNING!! None of these solutions will cause your shoes to be slip resistant! Its always best to just invest in a quality pair of slip resistant shoes! SR Max® tests every single pair of shoes we offer.Aquality pair of slip resistant shoesis going to feature a unique rubber outsole built specifically to tackle the challenge of greasy, wet floors. In addition to a softer proprietary rubber, these soles will have a tread design that funnels liquid out from under your feet to help you gain more traction. For your safety, it is important to buy shoes designed for your work environment.Shoes and outsoles line-upIf youre looking to replace your work shoes, take a moment to browse our selection of thebest slip resistant shoesavailable. If you want some advice on choosing the right shoe for your environment, contact us! Were onTwitterandFacebook, or you can give us a call, wed be glad to help!

Categories: Safety Tips, Featured  |  Authored by: SR Max  |  Posted: 05/03/2017