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What Are Slip Resistant Shoes?

By SR Max

What Are Slip Resistant Shoes?
Article by Brinklee BaileyIf you are looking to buy a pair of work safety shoes, you have probably seen the following terms: slip resistant shoes, anti-slip shoes, no slip shoes, slip proof shoes and many more. What do they all mean and how are they different??frustrated-face-outlineDont worry! This is a typical question that most people have. Hopefully we can make this much this clearer to you very soon.First and most importantly,there is no such thing as no-slip shoes. With the right amount of liquid combined with the wrong surface and a fast-paced environment, no pair of shoes can guarantee that you will not ever slip and fall.slipping-kitchenIn order for a company to have no slip shoes, this would mean that no one could ever slip while wearing that pair of shoes, but that would be a ridiculous claim!You may hear terms like oil-resistant, fat-resistant, alkaline-resistant or others, but these do not mean that a pair of shoes will prevent you from slipping. If you are in doubt about whether a shoe offers the slip resistance you need, ask the vendor about the testing.SRM1500-slip-resistant-outsole-exampleSlip RESISTANT shoes, however, do offer some level of increased resistance to sliding or skidding on a less-than-ideal surface condition. At SR Max® we pride ourselves in saying that we individually test and guarantee that every pair of our shoes will provide resistance to oils, water and other liquids, up to a very high resistance.Even though there is no legal minimum threshold for a slip resistant shoe to achieve on the Brungraber Mark II test, at SR Max® we dont sell a shoe unless it has a minimum rating of 0.4 on the Mark II, and we have shoes that rank as high as the mid-0.7s. We believe if youre going to spend your hard earned money on a slip resistant shoe, you should get the absolute best performance from that shoe.Comfort-Quality-Value-Shoe-IllustrationPlease be sure to visit us on our website and check out our awesome selection of slip resistant shoes! You can also Tweet usor reach us on ourFacebook page. Its our pleasure to make sure our customers are well informed!

Categories: Safety Tips  |  Authored by: SR Max  |  Posted: 04/27/2017