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What's So Special About Slip Resistant Shoes?

By SR Max

What's So Special About Slip Resistant Shoes?
Would you ever drive without a seatbelt or airbags? Base jump or skydive without a parachute? Or what about riding a motorcycle without a helmet?If you elect to do any of these things, you more than likely recognize the significant risks involved. But, do you understand the risk you take if you choose not to wear the correct pair of slip-resistant shoes to work? While you may have no idea of the risk you are taking, youre setting yourself up for an accident waiting to happen. By wearing proper slip resistant work shoes, you can do yourself a favor and help to reduce the risks associated with improper workplace footwear.A slip and fall accident at work can have serious consequences, including:
  • Physical injuries A slip and fall accident can result in broken bones, bruises, sprains and even concussions. In addition, each work environment has a specific risk. For example, if you slip in a restaurant kitchen and stick out your hand to catch your fall, you could slam your hand down on a hot stove top or an upturned knife.
  • Financial burden An injury in the workplace can leave you out of work for days or even weeks. While youre incurring doctor bills, you arent getting paid. Even if you are able to file a workers compensation claim, they will only reimburse you for your costs regarding your accident. That means that you still pay up front, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics- National Safety Council, the average workmans comp claim for a slip and fall is $28,000.
  • Mental well-being The stress of not being able to work while bills pile up, of not having full motor function, and of having to physically recover so that you can return to work all affect your mental state. Depression and anxiety can often set in following a slip and fall injury, making an already bad situation worse.
When you understand the risks of your workplace, it can be scary or overwhelming. By protecting yourself with slip-resistant footwear, you are being a more effective team member. When you arent worried about slipping at work, you can do your job more adequately. When you arent worried about getting injured, you enjoy your time at work even more. Your overall health isnt something to wager with, so by wearing the right safety footwear, you can protect yourself.Interested in learning more? Check us out at our website, for more insight on our slip resistant shoes and other products.

Categories: Q & A, Safety Tips, Featured  |  Authored by: SR Max  |  Posted: 03/05/2018