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What is MaxTrax®?

At SR Max®, we talk a lot about MaxTrax®, our highly effective, patented, slip-resistant shoe outsole. But have you ever wondered what goes into making the sole that Works Where You Work? Well, wonder no more. We want to share a few of the things that make our MaxTrax® outsole so special.

When SR Max® first started in 2007, MaxTrax® had not yet been invented and we carried shoes with slip-resistant outsoles from other companies. In 2008, we decided to change the game by developing and producing the most slip resistant outsole available by:

  • Developing the overall design of the tread – The exclusive pattern is intended to give the outsole the maximum amount of surface area possible (increasing its contact with the floor for better traction) while still maintaining deep grooves designed to help channel liquids. This specialized groove design, while channeling fluids, allows for an inherent self-cleaning characteristic that keeps the bottom of our shoes cleaner than many other slip resistant shoes (though intermittent manual cleaning by the wearer is still necessary).
  • A flexible, soft rubber compound outsole – This specific outsole provides more give upon impact, allowing for an enhanced grip and maintaining a better hold with the ground. In our most recent independent Brungrabber Mark II slip resistance testing in greasy, high soil oily/wet, and wet environments, MaxTrax® proved itself to be a super star of slip resistance.  MaxTrax® far exceeded the Coefficient of Friction (i.e. the measure of slip resistance) necessary to make a safe step in each test. Where other outsoles failed on one type of surface or had COF’s near the mark for slipping on others, SR Max® alone surpassed the threshold on all surfaces tested.
  • Partnerships – All SR Max® brand shoes are made with the MaxTrax® outsole, but we’ve also partnered up with several other brands to make MaxTrax® available on select shoes offered exclusively by SR Max®. Look for the MaxTrax® logo on many styles we offer from brands such as Skechers, Dansko, Rockport Works, and Reebok.

Interested in getting your own pair of slip-resistant shoes featuring the MaxTrax® outsole? Check us out online at to place an order, contact customer service, or request a catalog. 

maxtrax soles

*Please Note: While our MaxTrax® outsole is truly in a class of its own, it is important to remember that no shoe is completely slip-proof. This is particularly the case if the sole of the shoe is prevented from making contact with the floor (for example: slipping on a banana peel). Always use caution and take preventative measures when working in slippery environments.

Seeking Stylish Shoe Comfort


If you’re like most people, your feet probably ache at the end of a long day standing in your work safety shoes. But what’s the solution? It’s not exactly like you can wear your favorite pair of fuzzy bunny slippers to work – comfortable as they are. And you’ve seen what those special, “comfort” shoes look like (queue horror music) – just because you crave comfort for your feet doesn’t mean you don’t still care about how you look!

In a recent post written by NPR’s Shereen Marisol Meraji, the writer explores the growing popularity and demand for stylish, but comfortable work shoes for women in the marketplace. Read her article “If the Shoe Fits: The Rise of the Stylish Comfort Shoe” and find out what has lead to this spike in demand and why it is that we really do need shoes with both panache and comfort.

Once you’re ready to invest in your own pair of stylin’, comfortable shoes, check out SR Max’s® women’s Dansko Athletics collection with an APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Approval, these crazy-comfortable kicks sport a triple density EVA footbed with Poron cushioning to support your feet. Or browse our selection of men’s and women’s Clarks, all of which sport a removable OrthoLite footbed. You’ll have to trust us when we tell you that those are some seriously high-performing comfort insoles. And you can always make your current shoes more comfortable and get a pair of MEGAComfort dual layered memory foam MEGASoles. With gel enhanced shock absorption, they’re proven to reduce muscle fatigue as well as foot, knee, and back pain.

Whichever route you ultimately choose, just make sure you treat your feet right. Because a comfortable shoe now will go a long way in keeping you pain free tomorrow!


The Best Shoes for Restaurant Work


Working in a restaurant comes with its own unique set of problems and difficulties. Choosing the right work safety shoes for the job is one of those challenges – the importance of which often gets overlooked. But what are the key features a restaurant worker should look for in a shoe? Try these 4 categories for starters…

  • SLIP RESISTANCEWhen you’re working in a restaurant, slip and fall dangers can lurk around every corner. Newly mopped floor? Slip and fall hazard. Leaking refrigerator? Yep, that’s a slip and fall hazard too. Bottom line? If you’re working in a restaurant and you’re not wearing reliable slip resistant shoes, the probability of you having a slip and fall accident increases dramatically. It’s important to remember that not all slip resistant shoes are not the same when shopping for work shoes.  At SR Max®, we’re serious about slip resistance. In fact, if a shoe does not meet at least a .40 COF on the Brungrabber Mark II test, we won’t sell it.
  • COMFORT – Nothing can wear you down and make for a miserable shift quite like some seriously achy feet. But when you’re on your feet for an 8+ hour shift how can you avoid ending up with a painful pair of tootsies? Well, you’ve got to wear the kind of shoes that can keep your dogs from barking. Comfort should definitely be a top priority when purchasing your work footwear. In order to score the kind of comfy work shoes you want, there are a few things you should know about to find them.

Upper – The “upper” is the material of the shoe that covers all the upper part of the foot. It can be made of a wide array of different materials, such as suede, leather, action leather, canvas, mesh, rubber, or nylon. You should choose an upper that fits your work environment. For example, if you work in a restaurant kitchen and run the danger of spilling hot liquids from cooking on your feet, you should avoid a shoe with a mesh upper and opt for something more substantial, like leather.

Insole – The “insole” is the inside of the shoe. Many times this area of the shoe has been improved with additional cushioning in the heel and/or the “impact zone” (i.e. the ball of the foot). Different insole technologies are employed depending upon the purpose or style of each shoe. The four main insole categories are:

– Cushioned (shoes with some padding in the heel, like an oxford)

– Full cushion (cushioning in the heel and impact zone areas, found in low-profile athletic shoes)

– Extra cushion (thorough cushioning for maximum comfort such as what you find in most athletic shoes)

– Impact zone padding (extra cushioning located at the ball of the foot).

Lining – A shoe’s lining is important when discussing comfort. A good lining can mean the difference between a cool, dry shoe interior and a hot, sweaty, smelly shoe. For restaurant workers especially, a mesh fabric lining is recommended, since it wicks away moisture from your feet.

Midsole – The “midsole” is also known as the footbed. It  rests between the insole and the outsole and provides the basic support and stability of the shoe. Advances in midsole shoe technology have begun to allow for more and more cushioning, enhanced arch support, as well as the implementation of ergonomic designs. For people with high arches or flat feet it is especially important to consider the midsole when buying your shoes, as wearing a shoe with an improper midsole will lead to pain at work.

  • DURABILITYRestaurant workers put their shoes to the test when it comes to durability. Staying upright, on your feet, and moving all day at work puts a high demand on your shoes.. You get what you pay for, and a cheap pair of shoes are not likely to last you very long (or be very comfortable!). Keep in mind that once the back of the outsole is worn out or the shoes start to feel uncomfortable or less supportive, it’s time to replace them.
  • STYLEWhen you’re buying your work shoes, style options can sometimes be pretty limited and – let’s be honest – a little on the ugly side. And who wants to wear ugly shoes? No one, that’s who. That’s why SR Max® not only carries its own line of stylish slip resistant shoes, but also carries slip resistant work shoes from brands that you love.

So, what kind of styles would we recommend for folks that work in restaurants? There are plenty to choose from and plenty we’d suggest, but our suggestions all depend on where exactly in a restaurant you work.





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