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How To Clean Slip Resistant Shoes [Part 2: Outsole]

Article by Brinklee Bailey

If you missed the first part of this post about how to clean your slip resistant shoe upper, be sure to check it out, and then come back to read this post!

There are two parts to cleaning your slip resistant footwear. You must clean the upper and the outsole, in other words, the top and bottom of the shoe. For some, keeping your work shoes clean is second nature. But for those of you who may be new to wearing slip resistant safety shoes, here are a few great ways to ensure they stay clean!

SRM2400 Boot on Rock

Imagine the bottom of your shoe like a strip of “hook side” Velcro and the floor to be the “loop side” Velcro. When stuck together, there is maximum grip which means great slip resistance. Now imagine that dirt, flour, dust, mud or whatever debris is a sheet of paper between those two pieces of Velcro. Not nearly so effective now, is it? This, in a very basic sense, is why you have to keep your shoes clean to maintain slip resistance!

So what tactics can you take to clean and maintain the outsole of your slip resistant boot or shoe?

Cleaning a Shoe Outsole

Cleaning Shoe Outsole

The first thing that your workplace can do is have a boot and shoe brush in a prominent location. This might be in a kitchen or grocery department, near a loading dock or someplace else within your business. In places where there is less slip resistance but more traffic.

Also consider placing a grip mat or a coir mat for employees to regularly wipe their shoes off. These simple additions to the work place will make a world of difference in cleaning your slip resistant work shoes.

If your workplace cannot make this option a reality, consider purchasing a personal stiff bristled shoe brush to keep in a locker or near your workstation. Use this whenever you notice debris building up on your outsole as well as for regular maintenance.

Maintaining a Shoe Outsole

SRM4500 Side and Outsole

Supposing that you’ve been able to keep your shoes clean, there is still one more thing you can do to prolong the life of your slip resistant shoe: DO NOT WEAR THEM OUTSIDE OF WORK!!

Yes, your new Skechers Work shoes look awesome, but if you wear them to shoot hoops with friends or take Fluffy for a run around the park you will destroy the very valuable slip-resistant outsole. Why? Again, an explanation of slip resistant technology is in order.

SR Max Shoe Breakdown

A slip resistant outsole is softer than a standard shoe outsole. This softer nature allows the microscopic roughness to grip onto normally slippery conditions. However, it also means that the shoe is less durable and less able to withstand the rigors of concrete, asphalt, cement, rocks, uneven surfaces, etc. So if you really want your slip resistant shoes to last, only wear them while at work!

We hope you found this blog helpful for the next cleaning of your slip resistant work shoes! Check our website to see what new styles we have!