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Top 10 Tips for Finding the Perfect Fit

We’ve all made the regrettable decision to purchase shoes that pinch, rub, leave blisters, or are just too darn tight. Not only are these beautiful, ill-fitting monstrosities uncomfortable, they can really do a number on your feet as well.

How can you avoid them though? Follow our helpful tips below as a guide to find the perfect fit for your feet.

  • Measure your feet or try on shoes toward the end of the day when your feet are their largest.

We know gravity and physics aren’t easy concepts for everyone, so we’ll just cut to the chase. Your feet actually get bigger as the days goes on – as you walk and stand through the day, your feet expand under your weight.


  • When trying on shoes, make sure there is up to ½” of space left between the end of your big toe (or longest toe) and the end of the shoe.

Remember that tip about trying on your shoes at the end of the day? This is why… well, this is part of the reason why. The other half of the reason is due to the fact that when we walk, our toes create a slight back-and-forth motion. In order to protect your toes while they are in motion and make sure that you have enough room, you are going to want that half-inch space between your longest toe and the shoe, just trust us on this one.


  • Ensure that the toe box of the shoe is wide and roomy enough for your toes.

If your toes feel like they are being squeezed by a boa constrictor, then there’s a good chance that your shoes are too tight. On the plus side though, you’re probably not about to become the main course for a reptile today. Make sure that you have plenty of “wiggle room”, and that your feet are able to spread out comfortably. Don’t get shoes that cause you to have your toes overlap. You never know, they might get stuck like that!


  • Always shop for shoes depending on how well they fit your feet, not based on the shoe size.

Alright, ladies and gents. It’s time to get real about this issue. We have to stop the stigma that certain shoe sizes mean certain things. Smaller shoe sizes won’t make you any more “dainty”, and larger shoe sizes are not the best way to assert “dominance”. Be yourself, and get a pair of shoes that actually fit you properly. And for those of you out there that like to shop without trying on your clothing and attire, be warned: not all brands are created identically. What one brand deems to be a Women’s 8.5, could be another brand’s size 9.


  • Make sure there is enough room for the ball of your foot – it should fit comfortably at the widest part of your shoe.


The proper fit happens when the widest point of your foot (the ball) is located exactly in the widest part of the shoe. When that happens, the arch of your foot fits precisely with the arch of the shoe, giving you maximum support. In the SR Max® world, we like to refer to this area as the slip-resistant sweet spot.


  • Your heel should not slip up and down inside the shoe as you walk, they should be stable with minimal slippage as you move.

If your heel slips when you walk, this is either a sign of a shoe that is too large or a shoe that is simply not designed to fit the specific needs of your foot.


  • Don’t buy shoes that are too small, hoping that they’ll stretch out.

Let’s use some common sense with this one, guys. You can’t shove a larger object into a smaller one and expect it to fit. Now we get it, there are articles out there that tell you that you can make your shoes larger by sticking them in the freezer with water.  But we all know there’s only so much stretching that can occur here. Stick to the basics and just spare yourself the “cold feet” and get a pair of shoes that don’t require much effort to wear!


  • Spend time walking in the shoes to make sure the fit is correct and comfortable.

It’s true, some things in life require a test drive before purchase. Shoes should definitely be one of those items. While in the store (or even at home, if you ordered online) take some time to walk around on a carpeted, clean surface to get a feel for how the shoes will fit. Trust us, this will help you if you ever need to return them. 


  • Choose a pair of shoes that accommodate your arch type (ex. for flat feet, find a pair of shoes with extra arch support).

Some of us have high arches, some of us have falling arches, and some of us have flat feet. Make sure that you are choosing a pair that fit your arch type. Several brands will even call out this specific feature in order to help you make a more informed decision, while other brands are known to provide a certain level of arch support. When all else fails, don’t be afraid to try on different styles, brands, and sizes to figure out what suits you best.


  • Make sure the shoes you get will keep your feet comfortable if you have to stand or walk for long periods of time.

When your job has you on your feet all day, you will need to make sure that your slip resistant work shoes are up for the task. You need shoes that will provide you with enough support and cushioning in all the right places (especially your arches) to prevent you from having general foot pain and even blisters.


Easy, right? If you follow the simple tips above, you’ll be sure to find a shoe with the kind of fit you’ve always wanted.
Want to learn more about the comfort technologies that we offer? Check us out at srmax.com today!

Top Safety Tips for Grocery Store Employees

For grocery store employees, the hazards and risks on the job are numerous, and an accident of any type can sideline a good associate faster than you can say, “clean up on aisle 12”. The dangers vary from department to department, but whether you’re in the bakery icing cupcakes or over in produce misting the veggies, it’s important to educate yourself on the unique risks associated with your job description so that you can keep a sharp eye on your own safety. But there’s one threat at any grocery store that all departments have in common. That’s right…slip and fall accidents.

In grocery stores, any manner of liquids can (and do) accumulate on the floor. Water from produce misters, leaks in refrigeration units, newly mopped floors, accidental spills, moisture tracked in from outside, and condensation in coolers – these are just a few of the many slip and fall hazards you must watch out for when working in a grocery store. But how can a slip and fall accident be prevented or avoided? Check out these top safety tips for grocery store employees to learn more!

  • Be Vigilant, Take Initiative – Be watchful. Slip and fall hazards can occur anywhere, at any time. It’s up to the employees to spot these dangers and then take the initiative to do something about them.
  • Clean Up Spills and Messes – By taking initiative in the aforementioned tip, you’ve decided to hold yourself responsible for cleaning up the messes that you encounter. See a broken jar of spaghetti sauce leaking all over the floor? Take the appropriate steps to clear away the debris and clean it up. When you take care of spills as soon as they happen (or as soon as you come across them) you’re greatly reducing the risk of someone being injured by a slip and fall.
  • Use Proper Signage – After you’ve cleaned up an accident or spill, the floor will likely be wet or damp from having mopped it. At this point, and at any time when you mop the floor, make sure to use the proper Wet Floor signage to warn others as to the state of the floor and their risk of falling.
  • Maintain Floor Cleanliness – Like any floor, the floor of a grocery store can get dirty (perhaps even more so). A built-up layer of dirt can pose a serious slipping hazard. To prevent a dangerous and unsightly accumulation of dirt and grime, floors should be mopped and buffed regularly. Regular mopping and buffing – when done properly – can actually improve the slip resistance of floors.
  • Keep Floor Clear – Keep aisles and walkways clear of trash, debris, boxes, electrical cords, and pallets. These obstructions are tripping hazards – they’re an accident just waiting to happen. With clear, unobstructed floors, your store will not only look its best but will allow you to move about freely, unimpeded.
  • Use Appropriate Matting – Situated at the entrances and exits of the store, as well as in the produce and other departments, slip-resistant mats are an important way to keep yourself on your feet and safe at work. These mats provide additional traction in high traffic areas. Make sure your mats are placed in the appropriate positions and are flush with the floor, not bunched or wrinkled. For some of the best slip-resistant mats on the market, try SR Max’s® SR Max® Grip Mat.
  • Wear Slip Resistant Footwear – Slip-resistant footwear is key to staying upright and on your feet throughout your shift in a grocery store. If your shoes can’t grip, you’ll likely end up on the ground at some point wondering “Why didn’t I just wear the right shoes?” Avoid that pain and embarrassment by outfitting yourself in the right shoes the first time. SR Max’s® patented MaxTrax® outsole technology has been tested and is ranked as the most slip resistant outsole among all national competitors. Not only are our MaxTrax® outsoles found on all of our own SR Max® brand line of shoes, but also on other great brands you know and love, like select Reebok, Skechers, Rockport Works, and Dansko. And those styles we carry that don’t have a MaxTrax® outsole? They’re still plenty slip resistant – we test all of our shoes and will not carry anything that scores less than a 0.40 Coefficient of Friction in the Brungraber Mark II test in high soil/oily wet environments (that’s science-talk for slip resistance testing). Trust us, we’ve got some seriously high standards.


What’s in a Name? – An Explanation of “SR Max”

We often get asked about our company name, SR Max. How do you pronounce it, what does it mean? Is it an abbreviation or code? And what is the proper way to write it out? From S.R. Max and S-R Max to SRmax and srMax, we’ve seen more variations than you’d think possible.

There’s even a story about one of our executives going out to dinner with some employees, all wearing their SR Max logo polos. They chose to eat at one of the restaurants we provide slip resistant shoes for and the manager came out to tell them how much he liked our shoes. Our exec was quite glad to hear this, until the man proclaimed with a smile, “Oh yes, we love the Senior Max shoes!” which set the whole table into peals of laughter. Continue reading