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4 Tips to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are a pain for safety managers and corporate risk assessment teams to deal with. Not only are there direct costs involved in replacing lost work hours or injured employees, but there are also increased insurance premiums, negative internal and external press and lost productivity. These risks make it all the more important to prevent workplace slip and fall accidents.

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Why Should I Wear Slip Resistant Shoes?

Would you drive without a seatbelt or airbags?

Would you base jump or skydive without the right equipment?

How about ride a motorcycle without a helmet?

If you choose to do these things, you understand the inherent risks involved. But do you understand the risk you take if you don’t wear proper slip resistant shoes to work? You may have no idea of the risk you are taking, and how wearing the right safety shoes can alleviate those risks. Continue reading