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When Should You Replace Your Work Shoes?

By SR Max

When Should You Replace Your Work Shoes?
So far youve been able to collect vital information from our blog on how to choose and clean your work shoes. But what happens when youve had your work shoes for years and they have lasted you countless shifts and they are slowly telling you that theyre ready for retirement?Now, some people may go to the extremes of turning their work shoes into a D.I.Y. project and try and repair the shoes themselves. Is this a way to save money? Well sure, but will this improve your safety while on the job?Absolutely not! It is a better idea to assess what you may need in your next work shoe and invest in a quality pair of shoes that will be able to do the job, while youre on the job! Here are a few things that will let you know, without a doubt, that its time for a brand new pair of work shoes!check your tiresCheck Your TiresThe tires of your car are one of the most important things to check on a regular basis. Why? Because they make sure our cars canget from place to place safely. The outsole of your work shoe functions the same way.The outsole of your shoe assures that you can do your job quickly and effectively, without any accidents. If you see the outsole is worn down, then it may be time for a pair of new shoes.Dont Let Your Shoe Talktalking shoesThe outsole of your shoe starts to separate from the upper, we refer to this as talking. Any sign of your shoes starting to separate is an apparent sign that it is time to invest in a new pair of work shoes. Not only can this look bad in your place of work, but it can also be very dangerous in a fast paced environment.Do Your Soles Have Holes?Holey shoesUnder no circumstance shoe your shoe be hole-y! This is not only an unappealing issue, but it is also a safety issue. Dependingonyour work environment, small holes could quickly turn into big holes and leave you in a very unsafe situation. Its important when you notice your shoe is worn in this way, that you work quickly to replace them.You'll Have to Replace Them EventuallyTheres no hard and fast rule about the age of slip resistant shoes or how often you should buy new ones. Depending on your work environment, your shoes could last shorter or longer. Generally, slip resistant shoes will last between six and twelve months in the average work environment. Some may last longer, some not as long. Every pair of shoes has to be replaced eventually.If you realize that you are running into these issues with your work shoes, then head over to the website and see what shoes may be best for your industry.

Categories: Q & A, Safety Tips  |  Authored by: SR Max  |  Posted: 05/22/2017